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Job Category: 
Project’s Management Office
Al- Khartoum
Job Summary: 
• Supportive to facilitate and guarantee smooth top projects and initiatives reporting and delivery


  1. Develop annual list of top projects and initiatives by following selection criteria, business plan and strategy.
  2. Consolidate and develop annual, and quarter implementation plans for MTN Sudan top projects and initiatives in coordination with the other divisions.
  3. Monitor actual performance of the top projects / initiatives and compares it with the business target.
  4. Provide high-level business support to MTN commercial and technical divisions key stakeholders.
  5. Build and maintain positive strategic relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  6. Ensure all stakeholders receive prompt and efficient reports 
  7. Mediate issues between technical and commercial to effectively resolve problems and implement business projects and initiates
  8. Lead and promote a culture of support for business within Council and develop initiatives that help promote that culture.
  9. Conduct budget CAPEX budgeting.
  10. Responsible for coordinating systems (tools and platforms) involving technical and informational base of the top projects and initiatives.
  11. Support CAPEX management activities.
  12. Develop cross-functional and interdepartmental processes.
  13. Support CAPEX steering committee meetings.
  14. Support other CPUs while running their own projects when needed.
  15. Coach projects controller/ managers with project management standards & best practices.
  16. Develop project performance consolidated reports.
  17. Ensure the successful implementation of the PMO’s strategy, responsibilities, services and deliverables.
  18. Monitor Programme reporting and assist the Head of Programmes in reporting to Senior Management.
  19. Prepare and present cost-benefit analyses to support business case development and the implementation of projects
  20. Ensure cross-programme dependencies are managed and the dependency log is accurately maintained.
  21. Provide a quality assurance role in line with defined Programme Management Office process
  22. Coordinate project closure to distil good practice and ensure lessons learned are logged
  23. Line Manage reporting and assurance office staff
  24. Build cohesion within the reporting and assurance office team and motivate them to produce quality work
  25. Be responsible for maintaining the information security of  MTN physical or information assets that they access, use, or manage as per the company policies


MTN Sudan provides equal opportunity, fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to , race, gender, social origin, Color, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, political opinion, culture, language, marital status and family responsibility.

Job Requirements: 
Bachelor's degree in business management or any related field (Communication, Electronics, Electrical) Business Analysis certification is a plus 5 years of experience in project management
Required Skills: 
• Organising, planning and time management. • Excellent problem-solving skills, able to think both logically and creatively. • Good spoken and written communication skills and negotiation skills.
Closing Date: 
Thursday, August 11, 2022