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Job Category: 
Marketing: Branding
Al- Khartoum
Job Summary: 
• To create sustainable, profitable, market volume and value growth for the targeted segments of the Consumer Market. • To assist and support in the implementation of strategies to achieve agreed business objectives i.e. develop and execute innovative approaches to capture the targeted segment.

Responsible for the definition and successful implementation of segmented offers through differentiated value propositions for all targeted customers and business segments in alignment with the company strategy and objectives including but not limited to:


  1. Proposing consumer segment strategies to ensure that adequate plans and forecasts are made to meet the targeted segments requirements.
  2. Developing and executing the annual strategic plans and roadmaps; on-going observation and accordingly optimization plans’ milestones, pre-assessment, post-launch tracking, measurement and evaluation.

Analyzing, forecasting and understanding the targeted segments’ needs, sizes, trends, profitability etc.

  1. Developing & implementing end-to-end go to market strategies for the targeted segments.
  2. Developing promotional campaigns & pricing models based on price elasticity & profitability studies to stimulate usage and profitability of consumers of the targeted segments.
  3. Analyzing & collecting relevant segment data from Market (by conducting quarter market visits) & Customer Intelligence (including primary research, data mining, external reports) and impressions from Point-of-Sales.
  4. Monitoring the execution of segments and emerging market strategy against specifications.
  5. Identifying, reviewing and monitoring of the demographic profiles of the targeted segments.
  6. Evaluating & identifying new opportunities for expansion and revenue growth from within or outside the targeted segments.
  7. Recommends and identifies actions for customizing products & services to meet the needs of dedicated consumer segment to ensure the achievement of the main financial KPIS of Revenue, MOU, ARPU, Market Share, Churn, etc. with the help of the Customer Management and Products and Services teams
  8. Collaborate with IT Team, Brands, Sales, etc in Product Launch.
  9. Reviewing and suggesting of appropriate methodologies and techniques to be used for competitor and non-competitor analysis, economic analysis, industry trends analysis and review of developments in the telecom technology and management practices
  10. Ensure to delegate and empower the subordinates and provide the proper training to improve team’s productivity and skills.
  11. Perform Ad-Hoc Duties Assigned by management.
Job Requirements: 
• Bachelor Degree in Marketing or any other relevant field (MBA degree is a plus) • Over 4 years telecom experience and 2-3 years relevant working experience
Required Skills: 
• Able to think strategically. • Effective managerial skills. Detail orientation.
Closing Date: 
Thursday, September 12, 2019